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Eyewear Collection

We stock a range of quality frames and lenses to every need, style and budget

We believe that our range of frames is different to what you will find elsewhere in Lancaster, which is perfect if you are looking for a pair of glasses that will express your unique style and personality. 


Being an independent optician means that we are able to curate a completely unique collection of eyewear from brands that are known for their quality.

Eyewear that you will love

Never compromising on quality, we have handpicked a selection of brands to suit everyone.


Ranging from designer brands you know and love to durable and functional frames from specialist brands, we invite you to come and try them on and discover your new perfect pair.

Not sure which frames to go for?


Our experienced team will be there to advise and guide you to make sure that you leave the practice seeing and feeling your best.

Sea2See sustainable eyewear.jpg

As a team, we are always exploring ways we can live and work more sustainably.


We are delighted to announce that Welbourne Opticians are stockists of recycled eyewear brand, Sea2See.


Sea2See collaborate with fishing communities in Spain and Ghana in order to collect 500 kgs of marine plastic waste a day.


This plastic waste is then up-cycled to form beautiful glasses frames that are coloured by hand so that each one is unique.

Environmentally friendly frames

Lenses that work for you

We all know there is more to a pair of glasses than how they look; you need to be able to see perfectly in them too. A high-quality lens is therefore essential for you to enjoy your best vision. 


No matter what your prescription, or whether you require single or varifocal lenses, our dispensing team is highly trained to help you select the ideal lens for your visual needs and lifestyle. 


We only recommend lenses by quality manufacturers and our on-site lens laboratory means that we can quickly turn around many prescriptions.

Are you looking for contact lenses?

We also offer a range of contact lenses, perfect as an alternative to wearing spectacles.


If you are new to contact lenses or unsure what type and brand of lenses to choose, we can offer our expert advice on what is best for you and your lifestyle.

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